Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fashion, Turn to the Left

These are some of the first prints from the engraved aluminum plate on handmade paper. Some of the experiments were wetting the paper vs. not wetting the paper, and in the third image you can see where I wet the paper with a paint brush, it picked up more of the plate tone than the dry paper.

The top image is the full plate on paper made from the adjustable window screen I got at the Habitat Restore. The bottom two are on 9 x 12 inch paper from a silkscreen, printing just the top half of the plate. The bottom ones will be covers for comix, and I’ll add some watercolors to the images, the top one will be colored and be a stand alone image.

I printed them on the motorized press, and I’m pleased with some of the prints, but some of them, the plate moved, and there’s a slight double exposure. The next batch I print, I’ll use the hand crank press to avoid the plate shifting.

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