Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day


Jon Swift and Skippy are spearheading Blogroll Amnesty Day.

Zencomix endorses and tries to follow the reciprocal link policy. If you put me on your blogroll, let me know. I'll put you on my blogroll. Occasionally, by looking at my sitemeter, I find bloggers that have my blog on their blogroll, like Barking Up Trees. Sometimes links are exchanged in emails or comments, like The Dire Wolf Den

That Colored Fella was one of the first bloggers to put me on a blogroll, but he's been absent from blogging for awhile. Come back Bert, we miss your writing!

Granny Insanity is still at in Montana.

There'sOle Blue The Heretic, an Old Dawg, and another Heretik with mad graphix skillz!

Alicia has a book coming out, "The Price of Right", now available for pre-order on Amazon

My friend Megan has a nice collection of poetry

The Progressive Blog Digest is always loaded with links.

Left Toon Lane has cartoons like this FISA toon.

The Comic Strip Fan has an extensive collection,an online museum, of toons from around the world.

Say hello to The Undeniable Liberal and The Satirical Political Report!

A shout out to the folks that invited me to crosspost at their blogs the past few years!
Comments From Left Field
In Search Of Utopia
The American Street
The Aristocrats
Pushing Rope
and Tas from the old Loaded Mouth days...

In the spirit of community building between blogs, feel free to use the Blogroll Amnesty Day cartoon at the top of this post for your own Blogroll Amnesty day post.