Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herman Cain as Daffy Duck

“I am sticking with the mustache.” Herman Cain

Over at Tengrain's place, Tex Betsy posted this Herman Cain video....

In comments, Johnny B quotes from The Atlantic: "Herman Cain’s ‘Yellow Flowers’ Ad Is a Dadaist Meta-Western" By Conor Friedersdorf

“I am sticking with the mustache,” Herman Cain declared on CNN earlier this month, and can you blame him? Some may see a mere personal grooming choice, but I cannot help but be reminded of Dadaist Marcel Duchamp who in 1919 painted a mustache and beard on a postcard sized reproduction of the Mona Lisa, bringing the Dadaist movement to wider popular attention. Can there be any doubt that Cain is the closest an American presidential candidate has come to being a fellow traveler in that movement? It was only when I watched the campaign ad above, titled “He Carried Yellow Flowers,” that it hit me: surf the Internet for explanations of Dadaism, and you’ll find that they double as descriptions of the Cain in 2012 campaign.

As a fan, follower, and "student" of Dadism and Marcel Duchamp, I'd like to answer Conor's question,"Can there be any doubt that Cain is the closest an American presidential candidate has come to being a fellow traveler in that movement?" I'd say there is considerable doubt that he is the closest. He doesn't come close to Mike Gravel's 2008 campaign.

Up next from Herman, a video of a couple of Good Ol' Boys Never Meanin' No Harm taking a piss break during lap 87 of NASCAR Monster Truck Hog Heaven to discuss the virtues of Herman.

Herman Cain's Latest Campaign Video

The truth is out there!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Man of Constant Sorrow by The Doggy Bottom Boys

Same sex marriage is legal in Iowa. This is Rick Santorum in campaign desperation mode trying to appeal to all the Republican bigots in Iowa who voted to not retain Iowa Supreme Court Justices. Don't be surprised if Santorum wins the caucus, just like Huckabee won it back in 2008. Don't be surprised, either, if Santorum loses and is then found dead in a Dubuque motel, ass-fixy-ate-id, a dildo up his ass and wearing a scuba diving wet suit. I figure the odds be 50-50.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Low Brow

"You have to put the eyebrows on it!"
Frank Zappa

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em!

Michele Bachmann, in point 6 of her 11 point “American Jobs, Right Now” Blueprint for Economic Prosperity and Job Creation calls for the legalization of natural resources.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How Many Days Until Zappadan?

Cal Schenkel tagged me in this photo...

....and I removed the tag.

A few times a year, seems like clockwork, Facebook goes ahead and changes the layouts, changes privacy stuff, etc. I'd never been that comfortable on Facebook, and I only really joined because the Filipino Clan had abandoned the Yahoo Email Group, and they all migrated to Facebook. If I wanted to see all the photos, I had to join. But, after 2 years on Facebook, I've had enough.

Facebook would love it if everyone's privacy settings were set to "everyone", because that is their business model. The most amount of personal info that is shared with the most amount of people is going to earn them the most amount of advertising dollars. I keep waiting for someone to steal my identity using the fake birthdate that I changed to another fake birthdate, and that "Only Me" can see. Ha! Why can my friends share my info with their apps? I'll know where the identity was stolen from when the fake birthdate shows up with it.

Some "friends" will not even notice I am gone. That guy I knew from High School that sent the friend request, then never had 2 words to say, the friend of a friend from the blog world who never bothers to comment on the blog, the person with 426 friends, and their total just dropped by one and they have no idea who is no longer their "friend", they're just collecting "friends" as trophies to put on the mantel.

I knew my days were numbered there about a month after I joined. I cracked a Mitt Romney joke on the wall of an old friend, a Massachusetts Republican, a guy I've known since 1971, and he "unfriended" me without saying a word! It's a wonder I lasted that long. Sometimes it got ugly, like the times I called out all my Catholic family and friends about the priests raping children, the Vatican covering it up. I was met by silence from most, except that one guy from High School who had the total meltdown, threatening violence for talking bad about The Church. Good times, good times.

Wasn't all bad, though. Chatting with Bill Griffith or Steve Lafler was great fun, but not enough to keep me there. Also, I'm heading into the cold weather drawing season, got a couple of comic books I want to finish up, and I also want to start investigating some of the digital drawing tools for making vector drawings with an eye towards making animated cartoons. I don't have time for Facebook.

So, I methodically untagged every photo I was in, deleted every comment I made, removed every post I made, every link, every video from my wall and the walls of my friends. I deleted every photo I posted, then deleted the albums they were in. I deleted everything, and I'm sure when you reach a certain number deletions, it trips the "OH My God, He's Deleting Everything,Let's Slow Him Down By Making Him Click On Everything 5 Times" Facebook Algorithm. Fuck you, assholes! When I got everything deleted, I unfriended everybody, then "Deleted" the account, which is not the same thing as "Deactivating" the account. They deliberately make the delete button more difficult to find, and I suspect some people who want to delete their accounts mistakenly think that deactivating the account is the same thing.

Sunday, October 02, 2011