Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"The Bombing will begin in 5 minutes. Let me just finish ordering my Cinna-Stix!"

The "John McCain: Apocalypse Now Redux" T-Shirt can be purchased at The Zencomix Online Market.

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Cheesus Christ

Banned Book Week

My book isn't on the Banned Book List.I suppose the only reason it isn't on the list is because the book banners haven't read it, but if they did, I'm sure they would, what with all the weed, the "Fuck", and Central Scrotumizing that's in it, not to mention the politics.

I guess the closest I've come to the Banned Book List is being mentioned in the acknowlegments at the beginning of Leave Myself Behind, by my friend Bart Yates

Bart won an Alex Award for the book, his debut novel, from the American Library Association. Not too shabby! But , Oh Noes!, he writes about teenagers and Teh Gay, so some folks want to Ban This Book! This is the type of book the Sarah Palins of the world want to ban.It is smart, funny, sad, and honest. I highly recommend it. It's a page turner!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Transitive Property Of Sarah Palin



For months, Jon Swift's Blog would have the little "NEW!" next to it on my blogroll, but when you clicked on it, it was still the same post from when Novak ran down the Obama supporter with his car. But he has returned for real this time!

The "John McCain: Apocalypse Now Redux" T-Shirt can be purchased at The Zencomix Online Market.

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Candlepinheads For Cash

Holy Shit, John, what are we going to do about this economic meltdown on Wall Street. We've got to come up with something, or it could doom our chances for the White House!

Relax Joe, I got this. I met a fella down in Miami, a Father Bruce, a member of Sarah's Church... did some work raising money for lepers. He's gonna help us get in touch with an influential member of the bank and finance industries to get some advice. Here he comes now. Father Bruce, shall we get started?

We shall...gentlemen, repeat the incantation after me.

"Bisquick and Key Biscayne,
Aunt Jemima Waffles,
and Barack Hussein,
Quail Shooting Cheating,
and Trollop Cunt Pie,
Please, Charles Keating,
Bring Rebozo to My Eye!"

A seance! Cowabunga!

Slowly, the cloud of diesel smoke emanating from the tailpipe of the Straight Talk Express organized itself, criminally, into the sooty visage of Bebe Rebozo.

Who dares disturb the slumber of Nixon's Number One Plumber?

Gentlemen, my work here is done. I will leave you with a blessing.

Sphinctotum Syphillip-66 Compendium...Ipso Asshole Q.E.D.

Oh Great and Powerful Rebozo, please grant 2 lowly Senators the benefit of your wisdom. The financial houses are crumbling, stock prices are plummeting, Wall Street is in serious trouble. What should we do?

Stock prices? You chuckleheads, back in the old days we didn't buy stocks, we stole them and sold them for cash. Cash is King, you morons. Didn't anybody ever teach you rookies how to launder money? You woke me up for this?

The "John McCain: Apocalypse Now Redux" T-Shirt can be purchased at The Zencomix Online Market.

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