Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Roll


Willy Hank said...

Hey Duga!
I love your artwork you are truely talented. Is that a seagull I see with a sword stuck in the sand...Nice!
I think if if that drunk hasbeen Jake Dooley were here today he would be proud, but he was killed by Johnny Johnathan,probably the greatest comic character ever created. I have searched your archives but have not found "Dad Playing with Guns" still one of your greatest pieces. I got a hold your your Bro Bob and asked him to have you get in touch with me. If you join FACEBOOK.COM you can look me up as well and feast your eyes on some kick ass cutting edge (actually has'nt changed in 25 yrs) cartoon samples of my own. I posted a similar messgae weeks ago but I'm not sure if you got it. Look me up

zencomix said...

Hey Billy,
Yeah, I got your comment, and responded. What's the link to your facebook page?
I dug through the box of old stuff and found dad playing with guns and a jake dooley. I'll post them later for you. Jake Dooley isn't dead yet!

Anonymous said...

Doog...Milner here. Saw the old mutant art. Still have my mutant T-shirt. Fits my 8 year old. Saw reply to Billy and searched out his note. Been sometime. Did the 3 of us not go to pick up some award you guys won for art over in E.Weymouth back end of senior year? Remember that ride, think I drove (and you buckled up). Maybe bring back mutant as a candidate in your srip, and he/she/it actually has a more practical, plausible platform then those running now. Things look so out of hand that only...well a MUTANT can save us now. Milner backs Mutant for President", "cause we need some real chhaaannge". Think about it, as I need a place for my donation dammit. If Mutant wins, I respectfully request to join the cabinet as Secretary of State (love foreign affairs.. Russian, French, German, blondes , brunettes, don't matter, I'm easy). That would be swell.