Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Up-Lift Mofo Dunce Party




Lagniappe:There will be NO discussion by the major media of the things Ronald Reagan promised and delivered to IRAN.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Where's The Fucking Money Lebowski?

Over at Pushing Rope last Spring(?), some of us were being recruited to do some work for Creative Loafing. The deal fell apart when they realized we weren't going to work for free.Hahaha, Crazy Writers want to get paid!

I can't remember exactly when it was, but not too long ago somebody ( I think it was Driftglass) posted this video.

While a comic strip may contain considerably fewer words than a typical Op-Ed column, the job of writing a comic strip isn't made easier by the lower word count, so pay the writers.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

Michael Hussey's blog Pushing Rope, where I cross post my comix, has been running a series of posts about The Tampa Bay Tribune Online using bloggers content without paying the bloggers. .

We had a good chuckle about the possibility of them stealing using some of my recent strips ridiculing the republicans. The Birthers, led by Karl Rove's John Birth Society, get's Larry Craig to search for Obama's foreskin because Obama's foreskin wants to kill Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome baby.Or, hahaha, wouldn't it be funny if the Tampa Bay Tribune online used the Dick Cheney Milkboarding Machine that Photobucket censored. I figured the chances are pretty low that The Tampa Tribune would run my stuff. It ain't Marmaduke, after all.

So, I get an email from Michael today...Tampa Tribune running Zencomix


See for yourself.

And to my shock, they reprinted the Fore Skin strip.

Michael Hussey

I'm still looking at their site archives to determine how long they've been using my copyrighted material, besides Foreskin 500, Birther Pangs of Democracy, Craigslist, and C-Street Deli is Good For Your Belly, so I know how much to charge them on the invoice.

I'm a Dugan, a Teamster, nephew of Boston newspaper union man Charlie Dugan, "The Man Who Made Murdoch Sweat", and I will be paid.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Judy, the unemployed, homeless mechanical engineer

Meanwhile, back at The Copper Kettle, Joey the Busboy is finishing up his shift...

Lagniappe: Let's hope the Culture Ghost has a speedy recuperation.

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