Friday, July 15, 2005

Comix Links

I periodically check my sitemeter to see who is checking out my blog, and to visit new blogs I haven't heard of that are visiting me. is some kind of foreign language comix site that has one of my cartoons posted. I know nothing about them and I can't understand the language (German? Dutch?), but it looks like a site similar to Drawn!, over on my blogroll.

Monday, July 04, 2005


My good friend Megan started a blog, Megan E. Freeman-Poet. Here's a selection...

We Will Meet Under The Bodhi Tree

Two blocks north
the Zen center stretches
in a sun salutation.

One block south
the fellowship blinks
its sleepy doors to greet
the coffee makers and
flower arrangers.

We buckle on our Mary Janes
you tie your soft-soled shoes
we toss the paper up the driveway
and turn to walk our separate paths
dropping breadcrumbs along the way.

And when the sun is high
in the Sunday sky
we will meet under the Bodhi tree
to spread our picnic blanket
and tell each other stories.

All paths lead home.

Go visit and welcome Megan to the wonderful world of blogs!

My old tai-chi buddy and beer drinking hellraiser, Bart Yates, winner of the 2004 Alex Award from the American Library Association for his book , Leave Myself Behind, has a new book out tomorrow! The Brothers Bishop is the eagerly awaited second novel by the Bartman!

Meanwhile, Shakespeare's Sister has a book in the works....A Beggar Prepares to Plunge has 9 chapters ready for reading! Check it out!

Arvin Hill has a book somewhere as well, although I can't find it at the moment....