Friday, July 15, 2005

Comix Links

I periodically check my sitemeter to see who is checking out my blog, and to visit new blogs I haven't heard of that are visiting me. is some kind of foreign language comix site that has one of my cartoons posted. I know nothing about them and I can't understand the language (German? Dutch?), but it looks like a site similar to Drawn!, over on my blogroll.


Frank said...

Hey, Z, I think that's a Danish site. I like that your stuff is gettiing shown around the globe. It's a great eye you have.

zencomix said...

Thanks Frank.

Rainbow Demon said...

Yes... It's Danish!
How Delicious!!!

...especially in the morning.

Love & Peace,

Bistroist said...

Danish it is. Modspil (translates roughly as something like "counteraction", "opposition", literally "counterplay") mainly does politics (in the broadest sense of the term), with some detours into other areas.

I got referred here via Modspil, seems a nice place, you're now feeding my rss-thingumagig.

To translate the post, FYI:
Today's recommendation: Here's a cartoon-blog - a daily (or rather: regularly) updated list of satirical cartoons. Quite a few of them are spot on...

Ron Brynaert said...

way more than "quite a few"