Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

Michael Hussey's blog Pushing Rope, where I cross post my comix, has been running a series of posts about The Tampa Bay Tribune Online using bloggers content without paying the bloggers. .

We had a good chuckle about the possibility of them stealing using some of my recent strips ridiculing the republicans. The Birthers, led by Karl Rove's John Birth Society, get's Larry Craig to search for Obama's foreskin because Obama's foreskin wants to kill Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome baby.Or, hahaha, wouldn't it be funny if the Tampa Bay Tribune online used the Dick Cheney Milkboarding Machine that Photobucket censored. I figured the chances are pretty low that The Tampa Tribune would run my stuff. It ain't Marmaduke, after all.

So, I get an email from Michael today...Tampa Tribune running Zencomix


See for yourself.

And to my shock, they reprinted the Fore Skin strip.

Michael Hussey

I'm still looking at their site archives to determine how long they've been using my copyrighted material, besides Foreskin 500, Birther Pangs of Democracy, Craigslist, and C-Street Deli is Good For Your Belly, so I know how much to charge them on the invoice.

I'm a Dugan, a Teamster, nephew of Boston newspaper union man Charlie Dugan, "The Man Who Made Murdoch Sweat", and I will be paid.


darkblack said...

Let me get this straight - They just up and took your work, no notification or negotiation, and no cashola?

Assholes. In the words of the Iron Sheik - break their backs and make them humble, ZC.


zencomix said...

That is correct.

BTW, loved your latest with the DFH hitler. Did you suspend commenting at your site?

darkblack said...

No, merely a carryoversight from the blogroll-and-farewell post before (which was intentionally comment-free) that I have now rectified.

I can't abide deadbeats that profit from the labor of others - the amount of time and effort that you or any other creative entity puts into brilliantly original works cannot be recompensed with such a cheap rubric as 'giving exposure' - this new medium dispenses with the need for that type of patently bogus exploitation.

A warning to the Tampa Tribune and all those of a like disposition toward the creators - Pay up or be crushed into dust, the world doesn't need you.


zencomix said...

They'd better pay on time, too, unless they enjoy paying my late fees.

Michael Hussey said...

We got linked at Crooks and Liars.

tommyduncn said...

Got a response from TBO: tbo stealing blog content