Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson.....Bullets and Booze are never a good combination. I always figured Uncle Duke would die in a drunk driving accident on an icy mountain road.Here's a sketch from my days in Colorado,back in 1995. Drawn on the Pearl St. Mall, hanging out with Nate and T-Bone...At this point I'm not sure if The Authorities are ruling it a suicide or an accident. I never figured Thompson to pull a Hemingway. Who knows,maybe he had liver cancer and didn't want to drag out a terminal illness.He certainly would have had plenty of stuff to write about for the next 4 years. R.I.P Posted by Hello

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watermolecule said...

Poor Hunter dead and gone
Left his books to carry on
Pretty little girl with a read dress on
Poor Hunter dead and gone ...

(Apologies to Mr. Mo Jo Risin)