Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union,2003....this was pre-Iraq Invasion, and he was lying back then,too....deny,ignore,and pass along problems describes alot about this administration Posted by Hello


Jonathan Versen said...

Inbred, hmm? Thanks for visiting. But you're wrong about George W. Bush. He never lies about nothing. I mean it. You'll never get anywhere with that kind of attitude.

Tonight he'll tell us how he'll fix social security, without raising taxes, and he'll backtrack(not lie) about reducing benefits, and it won't be his fault when some other republican a couple of days later tells us that he didn't mean it. Yes, if we let him have his way he's going to fix social security. He'll fix it good.

Jonathan Versen said...

I almost forgot; a google news search might better help you find what you're looking for re versgrove, etc.: