Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The GOP's Elephant in the Room at The White House Press Briefings. One of these days, Scottie McClellan is going to be Lewinskied Posted by Hello


magz said...

wow comixman.. tho quite extremely unpolitical, I'm mondo impressed with yer talent and style! thanks fer dropping by the farm, I'll be talking ya up in a future post, you gots some TALENT!
regards.. magz

tae_diggs said...

wow! i love this one. . .

but isn't that some thin-
ice you're sketchin' on?

i am all for it -- i am
just a little worried that
the boys in d.c. will say
someone's zone-of-privacy
has been invaded -- unless,
of course -- and there is always
a good chance of this, there is
some hint of truth to what
you've drawn, and it does in
fact point to at least one
explanation for oddly-lax


p e a c e,

-- tae, out

zencomix said...

By "Lewinskied", I only mean to imply that he may have to answer questions from the media, or federal investigators, about his relationship with "that man".I just draw the cartoon, and let you draw your own conclusions.All the evidence thus far that I have seen warrants an investigation that would ask questions like "Was Gannon/Guckert allowed into press briefings because of his personal sexual relations with the person in charge?" Whether Scottie-Boy is guilty or not, I don't know. I imagine he would respond to such questions by denying any relationship, but questions need to be asked....