Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Alicia from Purls Before Swine




Let us pray....

Meanwhile, we went to see our buddy,The Reverend Bart Yates, give a reading from his latest book, The Distance Between Us, last night at Prairie Lights Book Store. Bart's a funny guy and a quick wit, but the stories about Sarah Palin being pregnant with Bart's Two Headed Gay Love Child are not true!

The "John McCain: Apocalypse Now Redux" T-Shirt can be purchased at The Zencomix Online Market.

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Willy Hank said...

"It’s all so political", I don’t understand. All I see is a bunch of SCRAG HATCHING, and if I'm not mistaken I saw a seagull with a sword stuck in the sand in one of your illustrations. Why if Jake Dooley was alive today he would have a thing or two to say. But then again he was killed by Johnny Jonathan, probably one of the world’s greatest comic characters in the history of comics. I still have the one and only Holy Grail of comic books "The Adventures of Jake Dooley" I think you should post "Dad playing with Guns" it is by far some of your greatest work. If you join Facebook.com and look me up you can admire some pure hardcore insanely talented artist's cartooning samples. Did I mention I was a runner up recipient of the Herring Run logo contest!

zencomix said...

Willy Hank, if that's your REAL name, you're cracking me up! Just for you, I'm going to dig through the moldy archives and post dad playing with guns, AND the Jake Dooley cassette cover. Post the link to your site, Kennefick, don't make me go fishing for it on Facebook!