Friday, March 27, 2009

Boob E. Prize


I can't remember where I saw it, it's been a hectic couple of weeks. The Repubicans were trying to start a meme about Obama being an empty suit. Doesn't have an original thought in his own head. The party of Reagan was whining about tele-prompters! The Hindrocket guy, the one who creamed his tightie whities over the brilliance of George W. Bush, I think he had something to do with it.

Because he's so unpopular, they'd like Dick Cheney to fade away the same way Dubya is fading away. Fuck That Shit! Let's drag him out into the open, stick a microphone in his face, and ask the MBA Prez for some sage "cream your tightie whities" advice.

Here’s an idea for a plan that could work: restructure the mortgages so their value reflects the median value of a home based on its value from 2005 to the present; adjust interest rates so they are lower; then spend enough money on job creation (like infrastructure repairs) which give people jobs, kickstarting the economy and giving everyone money to pay down their debt. But that plan doesn’t give Wall Street a big fat check, now does it?

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