Friday, August 27, 2010

MC 900 Ft Penis

One of the 5 year old Ken Mehlman cartoons I did suggested that Ann Coulter was actually Ken Mehlman in drag. Some people were offended and suggested I was somehow belittling gays and transexuals. That certainly wasn't my intent, and ultimately the cartoon is a failure for not clearly making the point I wanted it to make.

I'm all in favor of equal rights for everybody: gays, lesbian, transexual, transgender, Senators that like to wear diapers during sexual escapades, etc....

The cartoon was trying to illustrate that the people claiming some kind "Family Values" and "Moral Superiority", and who were actively suppressing the rights of the aforementioned groups, have their own "Dirty Little Secrets". The cartoon was about the double standard that exists within the "Ruling Class". For example, there's the "Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, so we must deny the opportunity to gay people" bullshit. How many sacred bonds has John McCain had? Rudy Giuliani? Newt Gingrich? Rush Limbaugh? Ken Mehlman chooses to work for these people. Paging Senator Ensign, paging Senator Vitter, paging Larry Craig, paging Mark Foley, your table is ready!

So, yeah, Bravo Mr Mehlman, for coming out of the closet. Are you going to use your surge in popularity to rectify the ills you helped to spread during your work with the Republicans, or are you just going to write a book, give a few speeches, and cash in while the market is hot?

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