Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fuck You

Fuck You, Obama, you arrogant fucking War Pig.

Fuck you, and the empire you rode in on.


Sandy Underpants said...

thanks for fucking up a regular good rainy Saturday Zen. really, thanks. we need this shit shoved in our faces more often. I can't find one damn thing funny about it. that right there tells me something's wrong.

zencomix said...

A coupla rich fellas gonna tell me that dissent is whining, and I should "buck up"? I've been dissenting and bucking up my whole fucking life, but I don't butter their bread, so fuck me, right? Yeah, fuck me if I was actually somebody, and the FBI would show up and seize my computer on some bogus charge.

We laugh at the Teabaggers and their paranoia about Obama taking all their guns away and putting them in a FEMA concentration camp, but Obama took Bush and Cheney's ball, and he's gonna run with it as fast and as far as he can. He's part of The Machine, and The Machine oils its own gears.