Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA's Newest Airport Security Machine

... the Bagscatter 2000. Designed by Michael Chertoff, this hands free urinal will send an endoscope up the traveler's penis. While the bladder drains, The Bagscatter 2000 will check for explosives. You can pee standing up, ladies, because The Bagscatter 2000 works for vaginas, too!


Jacob Isabella said...

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zencomix said...

With all due respect, Jacob, I thought you were a spambot and your site was nothing more than spam. Your posts are stories with no links, no attribution. They appear to be copy and pasted from other sources. How did you come across my site, which cartoons are your favorites, and why?

Tengrain said...

Zen -

In the right context, that urinal could be quite useful.



Comrade PhysioProf said...

Dude, "Jacob" *is* a spamblogge.

zencomix said...

Yeah, the spambots are becoming self aware. I'm going to try and have a conversation with it, maybe swap apple pie recipes.