Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zappadan Round-up

Ketchup is a Vegetable is posting biographical snippets from Barry Miles Zappa: A Biography

Darkblack has some linky love as well as some fine footage.

Blue Gal and Driftglass talk about Zappadan on The Professional Left Podcast.

Mock, Paper, Scissors has Frank's testimony to Congress regarding all the PMRC crap.

Skippy notes that The Torture Never Stops.

The Brain Police has Uncle Meat.

The Iranianredneck has a group of kids doing Uncle Remus. Warms my heart to see the kids into Zappa.

The Monkey Muck wished everyone a Happy Zappadan. You know who would've loved The Monkey Muck? Frank Zappa.

Urantian Sojourn takes time to smell the Lancers Rose.

Blckdgrd sends Happy Zappadan vibes out to everyone, and he always has a great collection of political/literary links, check it out!

FGAQ has Zappa Family Circus

Under The Lobsterscope has Frank conducting G-Spot Tornado

Loud Mouth Soup has the Cosmik Debris

Rawrahs has part of a Playboy Interview with Zappa

Lots more links at the Zappadan Twitter!

And, also, too....I'm cross posting at The Aristocrats. I hope you are enjoying reading the comix as much as I'm enjoying drawing them!


BDR said...

Bmpthnx! for both here and there.

Coffee Messiah said...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'd forgotten about this time of year.........
Must be something in the air, and out of DC ; (

Cheers! oh, and Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're warm out there.

zencomix said...


We have it easier than most. It swirled to the north and west for the most part, snow volume-wise, but the wind is cutting.

Anonymous said...

Please come and visit our Zappadan Facebook page

mark hoback said...

Thanx for carrying on the tradition. And love the new comix!

zencomix said...

Welcome Crooks and Liars round-up readers and Facebookers!

Hey Mark, thanks!

T_P_K said...

Grazzi, Zen!
They'll be some extra poots in your stocking for sure.