Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blogroll Amnesty Day


Blckdgrd is always generous with the links, and always manages to dig up you might have missed, including, but not limited to politics, music, poetry, novels, and professional soccer.

The name of this blog may be meaningless, but Ethan offers up some thoughtful critiques of "liberals".

Freida Bee is Redneck Punkrockery of the highest order. Just another blog that's been taken over by corduroy, Hooters™, Hall and Oates, incessant complaining, lesbian tendencies, and other typical stuff.

My friend Megan Freeman writes great poetry!

Physio Prof!

Urantian Sojourn!

Coffee Messiah!

In the middle of drawing this, I had a deja vu about the cartoon. Did somebody else do an image similar to this in past years?

I really should have done this before I went outside to shovel snow for 4 hours, but I'm a procrastinator.The day before the storm I was putting out some old pumpkin seeds for the birds. We ordinarily get a lot of cardinals, a few blue jays, a couple of different kinds of woodpeckers, and the assorted small birds (sparrows, juncos, etc). The storm welled up from the south, and we had a bunch of birds show up that I don't usually see in winter; a couple of wrens, cedar waxwings, a flock of starlings, and a flock of robins.

Where does the time go? Blogroll Amnesty Day already? Feel free to use this cartoon if you want to. If I'm on your blogroll, and you are not on mine, drop a link in the comments, and I'll get you added.

We are missing Jon Swift this year.

I'm also missing my old buddy Nate Solod.


Fearguth said...

Egads! I'm not on your blogroll, but you're on mine. The world is out of balance!

zencomix said...

I've had you on the blogroll!

BDR said...

Thanks, Friend, for the reminder!

Fearguth said...

Yes, I see now it's under 'Fearguth', not 'Bildungblog'.

skippy said...

dude, thx for the toon and the camaraderie!

Coffee Messiah said...

Always appreciate the friendship and appreciate the linkage - haven't been a good blogger lately -
I hear you on the snow - sadly, we have an 85 yr old retired farmer as a neighbor, who, decided to back his car out in between both or garages - we couldn't get in or out - and by blocking an escape through the alley - we had to hire a guy to come through with a snowblower and paid cash we were saving to put towards a new espresso machine - and we had to dig his car out anyway -
Long story long - I need to dig out between the garages with about 2" worth of built up snow/ice - I'm pulling for some melting in the next day or so =
Cheers and Thanks!

Batocchio said...

Zen, somehow you were not on my blogroll - fixed!

zencomix said...


Genghis said...

I've got you in the blogroll at I hope that you'll reciprocate. Thanks.

zencomix said...

Hey Genghis,
Thanks for the linkage, and I put you on mine, also.