Thursday, February 17, 2011

When The Revolution Comes

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of a Colonel Sanders impersonator who had duped U.N Security into granting him access to restricted areas, and I accompanied the picture with lyrics for The Last Poets "When The Revolution Comes"

When The Revolution comes
When The Revolution comes
When the revolution comes
some of us will probably catch it on TV,
with chicken hanging from our mouths.
You'll know its revolution
cause there won't be no commercials

When the revolution comes

...and there were links to the revolution unfolding in Egypt, and there was a link to Flavor Flav opening up a fried chicken restaurant in Iowa.

Now, Flavor Flav may be a clown, but he's no fool. What attention seeking clown wouldn't want to be around when The Circus comes to town with cameras in tow?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of your world through your eyes! See you around!