Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who wants to own this comic book?

Here's what you do....SORRY....OUT OF PRINT

and send me an email, doogntoon at yahoo dot com, being sure to include a mailing address, and I will mail you a copy. If you don't want to use Paypal, send me an email and we'll arrange something else.

Each copy of the comic book includes 28 pages of story artwork, 4 half pages of artwork contained in the hand binding, and additional centerfold artwork, plus some original hand drawn stuff. Each comic book has unique special secret song inside bonus tracks! No two books are alike.

The first person to respond to this offer will receive the Jaclyn Smith Autographed Centerfold Edition!


watermolecule said...

PayPal link is broken. I would have bought 2.

zencomix said...

I believe the link is fixed.

BDR said...

Hey man, all OK?

zencomix said...

Yeah, Thanks for checking! I've been spending some time outdoors, getting some planting done in the garden, etc.

Still working my way through Age Of Huts.

Catalina said...

I like how you write and I would like some articles from your blog to appear in my magazine