Saturday, July 23, 2011

How's the war in Afghanistan going?

Indubitably, quite refreshingly.


Coffee Messiah said...

Classic and been a long time since I've watched R & B show -

Thanks for the mail and the extra - have posted your submission and will be visiting in the snail mail soon -

Thanks again and really like the story with it = Cheers!

zencomix said...

Glad to hear it made it! Sorry it took so long, I'm a notorius procrastinator.

Coffee Messiah said...

No problem - I am working on 3 books for this and have until Sept - (remembrance of Iraqs largest and oldest bookstall bombed early on in that war)I gave myself until the end of August - and I seem to do better and everything comes together better that way for me too (Due by the end of Sept):​lifestyle/style/author-azar-na​fisi-understand-countries-in-t​urmoil-by-learning-their-histo​ry/2011/07/11/gIQA4NIWGI_story​.html

Expect a card and separate mailing also - CU -

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