Saturday, November 19, 2011


I lived in Colorado for 10 years and did a fair amount of backpack camping in the high country. Strap 35 pounds, give or take, of food,clothing, and shelter onto my back, hike 5 miles or so with some buddies up a mountain side to a lake, and enjoy the view. Day hiked up to the peaks, hiked along the ridges, did a little fishing, practiced the harmonica when the mountain lion got too close. Good times, good times!

But....I guess I was doing some of my camping completely wrong. Apparently, before you take a tent down, you must first vigorously shake your pepper spray canister. I did not know that.


Coffee Messiah said...

Amazing, no? The $$$$ grabbers are so fearful, they resort to this, on peaceful people - not realizing, this photos/videos are circulating around the World - and the USA and talks of democracy, have made us the laughing stock of the World -
God Bless our smart leaders -
= Cheers!

zencomix said...

Have you seen the "Perp Walk" video of the University Chancellor? You can smell the fear, like something out of Hitchcock's "The Birds".

Coffee Messiah said...

Yes - and appears to be at least 2 or 3 blocks of silence -I'm wondering why people like this wait (until Monday) to respond -
the usa is slipping fast, as we can see by the lack of anything going on from the right -