Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Most Ironic Thing On The Internet Today

The Most Ironic Thing On The Internet Today, by way of Crooked Timber

This video commemorates a student uprising at Athens Polytechnic in Greece, 1973, that helped lead to the downfall of the military junta. The overthrow of the junta led to a "University Asylum" law that restricted the police's ability to enter the campuses. That law was abolished a few months ago.

The abolition law was based on the recommendatiions of an expert committee, which reported a few months ago... Fortunately, my friend has translated the key recommendations

University campuses are unsafe. While the [Greek] Constitution permits the university leadership to protect campuses from elements inciting political instability, Rectors have shown themselves unwilling to exercise these rights and fulfill their responsibilities, and to take the decisions needed in order to guarantee the safety of the faculty, staff, and students. As a result, the university administration and teaching staff have not proven themselves good stewards of the facilities with which society has entrusted them.

The politicizing of universities – and in particular, of students – represents participation in the political process that exceeds the bounds of logic. This contributes to the rapid deterioration of tertiary education.

Among the authors of this report – Chancellor Linda Katehi, UC Davis. And, to add to the irony, Katehi was a student at Athens Polytechnic in 1973.


Cirze said...

It's not irony anymore.

It's the reality of encroaching fascism.

The leaders are always self chosen from either end of the axis.

No wonder that "perp's" walk I saw her do through the protesters was engaged in so cautiously with no intervening comments from her to them.

They would have been throwing things at her in a truly just world.

zencomix said...

I suppose it is only irony if it was surprising, and is anyone really surprised anymore? I'm not.