Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Patsy Decline

I'm a bit of a conspiracy guy, and the more I think about this Herman Cain business, the more I smell a rat. He's a patsy. His "handlers" had to have known all along about all the allegations against him. They had to have known that it would all come out in the press. Maybe Herman thought they didn't know, and he could just cruise control on by, like it would never come up. He seems to have a strong sense of denial.

So, if The Handlers knew that this is how it was going to play out, why bother going through with the charade? Probably one of the same reasons Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum continue with their campaigns. It's a great way to launder money!

You want more conspiracy? Joe Frazier just died, Heavy D just died, and the old They Die In Threes Urban Myth gets fluffed when the Cain Campaign tries to pull a page from the Bob Roberts playbook, but things spiral out of control. They forget to take into account Herman's cholesterol drugs and the boner pills causing an unsafe drop in his blood pressure, and an inability for the blood to clot.

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