Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Leadbelly: Live at Budokan

I watched a bit of TV last night. PBS was airing a show about David Geffen on American Masters, and I watched most of it. I missed some of the beginning, but it appeared they were going chronologically through his life. As the show progressed, I was curious to see the Nirvana part of the story. But, aside from several fleeting glimpses and mentions of the band, they weren't really talked about at all. The last band discussed with any depth was Guns and Roses. Maybe the Nirvana stuff didn't make it past the film editor due to time constraints, maybe it was never part of the narrative because Geffen didn't interact much with the band, I don't really know.


Meanwhile, earlier in the evening while watching Family Guy, the Point of Stew episode, around the 4:15 mark, Stewie hops in the time machine and goes back to the moment right before Kurt Cobain is going to kill himself. Stewie gives him a pint of Haagen Daz strawberry ice cream, then he goes back to 2012, "Well, Let's see if it worked", and he starts flipping through the CD collection,"...ah, there we go", and there's a Nirvana:Live at Budokan 2012 CD, "'re still alive, you fat fuck."

 And I started thinking, maybe if David Geffen had bought Leadbelly's guitar for Kurt Cobain, he wouldn't have killed himself, probably not, but my mind likes to ask the "what if?" questions.

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