Friday, April 25, 2014

Digital Copy of Spyrograph Eyes

A digital copy of The Boy With The Spyrograph Eyes is now available here at Gumroad for an introductory sale price of $2.99. If you want a hardcopy, I only have about a dozen left.

The Boy With The Spyrograph Eyes is a 177 page comic book. The original pages are 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of bristol board with pen and ink drawings. They are scanned at 300 dpi.

The Plot: Carlos Bugante, a cartoonist and animator, has created an animated film called "FRANKTASIA", animation set to the music of Frank Zappa. The night of the world premiere, two of Carlos' friends, Tom and Bob, are drinking beer after their shift in the shopping mall restaurant, waiting for FRANKTASIA to begin, when in walks their old friend, Junior, long thought dead. Junior recounts for them why he faked his own death.

The book is about the intersection of cartoons, TV, religion, music, drugs, restaurants, obsessions, celebrity worship, politics, and all the self gratification that goes along with this stuff.

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