Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steve Lafler's Death in Oaxaca

I just got this package in the mail today. This is the back cover to Steve Lafler's latest comic, Death In Oaxaca. Looks like it will be a fun read.

The package also contained a couple of free comics. Runner Runner is from Tugboat Press in Portland, featuring "a cover story by Megan Kelso about the good witch of the Puget Sound and her struggles with daily life as a single mother. Sam Alden provides a stunningly beautiful story about a lost young woman who stumbles across a mysterious train heading to parts unknown. Also comics by Liz Prince, Sam Sharpe, Andy Hartzell, Jason Martin & Tessa Brunton, Minty Lewis & Damien Jay, Elijah Brubaker, Chris Duffy, and Jeremy Tinder."

Barrio Mothers was the other free comic. Edited by Emily Nilsson,Jason Leivian, Jack Hayden, and Tim Goodyear; published by Sparkplug Books, Floating World Comics, Snakebomb Comix, and Teenage Dinosaur. Features the work of Nick Norman, Josh Juresko, Sophie Franz, Karissa Sakumoto, Asher Z Craw, Wally Catton, Andrew Scully, and Cameron Hawkey.

A quick flip through all the books and things look interesting!

I got all this for under $8 (shipping included) from Wow Cool

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