Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1927: Serene, Colorado

I made the paper out of all sorts of “office paper”; old copier paper I use for writing rough drafts, old phone bills, electric bills, etc. Sometimes letters, numbers, or bits of text will survive the soaking and blending. If it’s really distracting, I can scrape it off the surface with an exacto knife. There’s a dollar sign on the fence post, and “$68″ where the barbed wire would be, and I think I’ll leave them in as it seems fitting to the story.

A page from the 1927: Serene, Colorado comic I’m working on. I didn’t do any talking or dub any music on the video because I wanted to capture the sound of the nib. There’s no penciling, just straight to ink, then some watercolor.


H. M. Stuart said...


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zencomix said...

What does the gig pay?

Comradde PhysioProffe said...

Love the barbed wire. You are really hitting your stride with these new works.

Aleksandria seems to be some kind of spam scam. I got the same exact text via e-mail.

zencomix said...

Yeah, I figured that, but I thought I'd just throw that question out there because they so "look forward to hearing from me"!