Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Boy With The Spyrograph Eyes

The Boy With The Spyrograph Eyes,


juju said...

Hi Zen Comix--I loved your interview with James Johnson of Mutant Comix. Also love your Boy with Spirograph Eyes. I think we are of the same generation...I'm a great appreciator of spirographs and lite-brites (-: I thought you might like my little painting/drawing of "It Was A Spirograph Summer" as well.

zencomix said...

Hi Juju, thanks for the comment. I follow you on tumblr!

juju said...

Yes, I know! (-: Of all my followers, you have been the kindest. I'm glad I have the chance to say thank you so much for your likes and reblogs of the past. I can't thank you enough. (-: Love all your artwork and your sense of humor! You have an inspiring life story. Hope you always keep rockin' and drawing.