Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blood Sugar Sex Tragic

I'm working on a mini comic that I will intaglio print. The panels are being scratched into plastic,a "carpet protector", one of those things office chairs roll around on, that I bought at a thrift store and cut up into panels. Here are a couple of test prints, the best of the worst (the best of the best are still drying down at the Iowa City Press Co-op), to see what depth of scratching would get printed. The color print is from pork chop packaging styrofoam that I drew on with a ballpoint pen, then printed with acrylic paint, with added ballpoint pen to the print.


Fearguth said...

Recognize this shirt?

zencomix said...

Thanks for sharing...gotta be about 9 years ago for that one. So sad about her passing

Fearguth said...

Good to hear from you Dave! I was lucky enough to see/hear Sharon Jones perform four times. She was a great ball of fire.