Tuesday, January 08, 2008

John McCain in the New Hampshire Primary


Democracy Now has a classic! GOP operative convict on how to rig an election.

The Rainbow Demon has an interesting post about States doing an end around the Electoral College.

Vote Huckabee, OR ELSE!

The Media Bias driving the narrative

Meanwhile, we are still in a couple of Wars, aren't we?

Lap Dance

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Rainbow Demon said...

I love that Popeye, bro...
uck ...uck ...uck ...uck.

Between you & me, I'm putting up some of my 'life experiences' and older drawings over at the other blog "Scribe of Babylon" if you're interested. Most of the sketches were studies for paintings. I have to warn you though, it can be pretty graphic sometimes. (LOL)

I'm known as 'Aloysius' over there.


Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks, Zen (wink)
I knew I could count on you.