Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iran-Contra Animation

Early Monday morning, a high velocity wind storm with lots of rain and lightning ripped through Iowa, and we lost power for about 12 hours. I spent the day bailing out the sump pump well in my basement. Lots of fun involving car batteries, power inverters, extension cords, and for awhile, good old fashioned buckets. The basement stayed dry! I gotta stop using the Geo Metro as a generator, though and get a real generator.But first...today I started reorganizing some of my storage space to put things in a better positon for potential basement flooding, and I came across some old videotape.

This is 20 years old, something I did at The Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston.Shot first in Super 8 mm, and then reshot in 16 mm film. The film to video conversion was nothing more than videotaping the film as it played against the screen.I lack the abiity to upload a VHS to the computer, so I took a digital video of the TV. So,that's a digital video copy of a 1980s VHS video-to-film copy of the original 16mm film.

The original music was done by my brother Bob and his friend Jack Condon, but it never made it onto the magnetized strip on the film. The film is still silent and the cassette tape with the original music is hopelessly lost. As a substitute, There's a boombox playing Who Be Dat? (Theme Song, Part 2) in the background while I recorded the TV (Nate Solod: words and vocals,Frank Swart: Fretless and slap bass,acoustic guitar, Jeffrey Clemens: drums and percussion, stand up bass, vocals, and Sandy cohen, vocals)

Still patiently waiting for the Who Be Dat? tapes to be converted to a digital format, MR. Frank Swart, talkin' to you!

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