Monday, January 26, 2009

Salty Saul D.

Tom: Steve, have you seen this article? Obama's warrantless wiretaps uncovered a phone sex ring with Arlen Specter reading passages of The Warren Commission Report in the nude. See, if you text the words "Magic Bullet Theory" to 1-900-471-1600, then...

Steve: Tom, what the hell are you doing?

Tom: I'm waiting for you to give me my job back.

Steve: Not this time. Ain't gonna happen. No. No way.

Tom: Hey, I'm a patient man. I'll come in every day, read my paper, drink my coffee, and maybe bring 50 of my closest friends.

Steve: Damn! Put an apron on and get to work.

Tom: The last time he fired me, I rented a big U-Haul for a week. I rounded up every scraggly homeless guy and every crusty bag lady in town and brought 'em her for coffee. Filled up every table right before the lunch rush. Steve caved after 2 days...

Bob: I've never seen a guy work so hard to get such a crappy job. What's the catch?

( Today's Specials: Alinsky Pie, $1.50 a slice)

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