Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mad Men

Today is the 5th year anniversary of Zencomix. Many Thanks to my sweet little angel, PenaLynn for helping to make it happen!

John McCain, Sarah Palin, Condi Rice, Mitt Romney, Joe Lieberman, Rick Santorum, David Vitter's diaper, Digger The Dog, Karl Rove, Rudy G., Bill OReilly, and George W. Bush walk into a bar...

Over the years,one of the themes I've worked on in my cartoons is the concept of politics as a product that is packaged and sold to the man with the petunia haircut. I still get lots of google image search hits from people looking for Denny Hastert's Cure for Republican Sex Scandals (Head On, apply directly to the foreskin, Head On, apply directly to the foreskin, Head On, apply directly to the foreskin!) The packaging and selling of "Iraq/WMD/9-11" went so well, there is still a sizable portion of the country that thinks Iraq was responsible for flying planes into the World Trade Center.

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Michael Hussey said...

Happy anniversary.

zencomix said...

Thanks Michael!

Tengrain said...

Happy, happy, blog-o-versary!

Five more years, please. Oh, and cake would be nice.



mark hoback said...

Happy anniversary, buddy.