Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blogroll Amnesty Day

Music by Who Be Dat?-- "Mr Policeman's Face" from the 1988 release "Be Careful", featuring the late Nate Solod on Lead Vocals and percussion, Frank Swart on Bass, Jeffrey Clemens on Drums, Percussion, and vocals, and Robert Holmes on guitars. T-shirt by Dominique Zar

Rest in peace, Nate.

Feel free to use the cartoon and video on your own blogs for the Blogroll Amnesty Day festivities.

The roots of Blogroll Amnesty Day are explained at Jon Swift's blog. Please come back, Jon!

Some linky love for :

Penalynn Cards
Chewing The Bacon Fat In Iowa

Black Dog Red

Tarc's Blog

Steve Lafler

If I'm on your blogroll and you would like to be on mine, just drop a link in comments!

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