Friday, February 05, 2010

Pena Lynn Cards


tengrain said...

So pretty - assemblage or collage?

They cannot be printworks, right?



Coffee Messiah said...

Real nice work!

BTW, tell me about the coffee and where to find it and what brand should I try?????


will be around davenport iowa in another week or so

zencomix said...

She cuts up paper and fabric and weaves strips together, or uses double sided tape to attach squares and rectangles to a base.

We can't find any Filipino beans locally in Iowa. You might be able to find some on the west coast. I know the Typhoon Peping tore up lots of trees, so it may be harder to find. You could probably get some online. When we go back to the Philippines to visit, we visit the northern part of Luzon. The beans from The Cordilleras Mountains are my favorite, but I don't know any particular brand.