Monday, December 05, 2011

The Jokes write themselves during Zappadan

This morning on KGAN, the meteorologist finished up his weather report by mentioning something about the possibility of "White Snow" falling later in the week. The usually painful Small Town News Anchor Segue Small Talk that follows the weather report was immediately dominated by "You sure it's going to be White Snow, Justin, and not Yellow Snow?" and such for a good minute. The Sports Guy got in on the act as well when it was his turn to report on the Hawkeyes getting the nod to play a bowl game in Arizona, something like "I'm sure there's no Yellow Snow in Arizona".

Don't be so sure, chump. I've been there, and I've seen it!

Under the Lobsterscope served up a theatrical production of Lumpy Gravy back in 1968!

Urantian Sojourn is celebrating the birthday of Jimi Hendrix. Not exactly Zappadan, but if you poke around over there, you'll see some great stuff from past years.

Mock, Paper, Scissors has Free Speech Zappa.

Fearguth is Occupying Zappadan in style.

Rehctaw's got When The Lies So Big

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