Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weasel Dust

I've been doing a bit of research on the Black Weasel, and I suspect it was from the ferret part of the weasel family, perhaps an escaped pet ferret gone feral.

What are folks up to for Zappadan this year?

Brady Bonk is investigating The Yellow Shark.

Blckdgrd doesn't really celebrate, but, as always, is generous with the linkage.

The Professional Left Podcast offers up some Zappa.

Blue Gal has the definitive Pepper Spraying Cop Photoshop and more Zappadan art.

The Brain Police is serving Roast Poodle on a Chrome Dinette Set with the Good China.

Graves doesn't get the whole Zappa Brew Ha Ha. That explains why he's posting Pat Boone's White Christmas.

The Iranian Redneck gets the whole Zappa Brew Ha ha.

Zappadan Cometh, Didja Get Any Onya?


Cleveland Jeff discusses the LSO recordings of Zappa's work.


Cleveland Jeff said...

Cleveland Jeff discusses the LSO recordings of Zappa's work at

zencomix said...

Thanks, CJ!

Anonymous said...

I think I may start flogging myself for Zappadan. I'm not really sure why, but probably because nobody else will do it, and I think there needs to be a shi'ite variant for the kinky folk.

Anonymous said...

PS: I the black weasel was probably a mink, they're making a comeback big time since glorified prostitutes no longer want to wear real fur (and real prostitutes can't afford it!). Still, I think all mustelids should be termed weasels, certainly during the holy days....

Rainbow Demon said...

Happy Zappadan Brother

btchakir said...

Thanks for the list... I'm doing some Zappa history and background at my site.

zencomix said...

Hey RD, good to see you're still kicking!

IR, used dental floss can be braided into a flogging device, or so I've been told!

Btchakir, which blog? I checked the three listed under your profile, but didn't see anything yet.